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Since 2011, our Get Your Business Online team has been on a mission to make it fast, easy, and free for businesses to get online. We’ve traveled to all 50 states where we’ve helped thousands of businesses. But we have more work to do. Only 37% of businesses have claimed a local business listing on a search engine–that’s a lot of missing information. And with 4 out of 5 people using search engines to find local info like business hours and directions, it also means a lot of missed opportunities for local businesses.

With our new initiative, Let’s Put Our Cities on the Map, we’re teaming up with local leaders to create a program for 30,000 U.S. cities–all with the singular focus of getting local business info online and on the map. Every city will have a website like this one that businesses can visit for help. They can see how they show up on Google and build a free website of their own (free for one year). We’re also equipping local partners with free trainings and customized city materials to run workshops in town. Explore our site to learn how you can join in, support businesses in your community, and put your city on the map.

Sources: Google/Ipsos MediaCT/Purchased, Understanding Consumers’ Local Search Behavior, May 2014 Marketing Sherpa, Search Marketing Benchmark Report SEO Edition, 2012

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What is this program all about?
Let’s Put Our Cities on the Map is an initiative to help local businesses increase their presence online. We’re working with business owners, city officials, and lovers of all things local to spread the word about the importance of getting local business information on Google Search and Maps. To get started, businesses just need to create an online listing and verify their business for free with Google My Business.

How can I get involved?
If you’re telling people about the local businesses you love, you’re already involved. Keep it up! Check out our Show Support page for more ways to spread the love for local businesses in your community.

Why is Google doing this?
Local businesses are vital to America’s economic future. In fact, small businesses comprise half of the U.S. GDP and create two-thirds of all new jobs. And although nearly all consumers look online for products and services, many small businesses do not have any web presence at all. We believe every small business should be found online and we offer the ability to do this through Google products like Google Maps–for free.

Businesses want to be found by their customers. Customers want to find updated information about local businesses. Let's Put Our Cities on the Map was designed to help strengthen our communities by connecting local businesses and customers so they can easily support each other. In fact, we’ve seen that complete business information can help generate economic value to individual communities. In small communities, this could be worth up to +$300k a year; in large cities it can be up to +$7m. Google does not guarantee increased business. These numbers are based on statistics from the following study: Google/Oxera, The Benefits of Complete Business Listings, December 2014

How did you measure the value of complete business listings?
Google partnered with Ipsos MediaCT to better understand the value that business listings provide for consumers and business owners. The report explores the path to purchase, shopper attitudes and behavior, and the impact that complete listings have when people search on Google. Impact of Search Listings for Local Businesses

Google partnered with Oxera to examine the extent to which additional information in Google My Business listings (such as photos or opening hours) can link consumers and businesses and contribute to more vibrant and growing communities. The report combines economic literature, statistical analysis, and a recent survey by Ipsos MORI to understand how significant the benefits of additional listing information can be for people and businesses.The Benefits of Complete Business Listings

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  • We had Noah Williams do a 360 Virtual tour of our shop the Green Dragon in North Charleston and he did a superb job. I am still amazed.

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    Green Dragon Manager
    Green Dragon

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  • Noah did an amazing job with the Google Virtual tours for King Street Grille. Every business should have these.

    Ben Capa
    Fu Dog Media, LLC
    Charleston,SC Wed Design Company

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